About India Fashion

India Fashion is a leading garment manufacturing company and export house based out of New Delhi, India.

The company was established over 35 years ago by Amarjit Singh Chadha; and is one of the few apparel manufacturing and export houses in North India that is completely vertically integrated.

The ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company is able to maintain control on processes, quality and compliance, which are critical factors in the industry, therefore acquiring a formidable reputation for quality control and superior workmanship.

With a total production area of over 160,000 square feet at its two state-of-the-art facilities and 1,000-strong staff, India Fashion has a production capacity of 3,000 units per day, which can be seamlessly up scaled to 100,000 units a month depending on styles.

We make a constant effort of upgrading our facilities, enhancing technologies and skills to keep with the requirements of a very competitive global market and industry. Over the years India Fashion has partnered with leading fashion brands in the UK, USA and Europe; manufacturing a variety of merchandise with continuous finesse, quality and craftsmanship.

Born to CREATE

‘Fashion’ is one of the most exciting and ostentatious turn-ons in the modern day living. And today’s fashion-generation needs loads of it with energy, passion and practicality combined. In the scenario where keeping pace with the ever mushrooming fashion aspirations has assumed greater significance than anything else, more and more fashion hubs are appearing on the fashion horizons offering what lets you hog the limelight.


Schiffli Specialization

India Fashion specializes in Schiffli embroideries including Broderie Anglaise, Swiss embroidery, chemical laces, Guipure laces and fabrics and GPO, using two high speed (6,000 rpm) fully computerized machines (22 meter long each), with 752 needles in each machine working at the same time.

We have a separate three meter long fully automatic sampling machine for R&D so that our production is not affected for sampling or R&D.


Fabric Storage & Inspection

  • Fabric Check Master : Paramount

Sample Room

  • Single Needle Lock Stitch (35)
  • Twin Needle (1)
  • 5-Thread Over Lock (2)
  • 4 –Thread Over Lock (1)
  • 2 – Pattern Cutting Machine

In-House Cutting

  • 40 ft Length Cutting Tables (3)
  • 32 ft Length Cutting Tables (3)
  • 24 ft Length Cutting Tables (1)
  • 16 ft Length Cutting Tables (2)
  • Straight Knife Cutting M/C (3)

Button & Button Hole

  • 4 Set of Button & Button Hole M/C of Juki Brand
  • 3 Lock Stitch Button Fixing Machines

Final Trimming & Inspection

  • Manual

Pressing & Laundry

  • One Italian Perk Machine Model No. 480l Load Capacity 24-25 K.G.
  • One Firbimatic Hydro Carbon Machine (Model F25 SE)
  • 26 Nos Steam Irons with vacuum Tables
  • One Spotting Machine (Stefab)
  • 2 Nos Front Loading fully Automatic Washing Machine
  • One Hot Room of 12’ X 14’ with Hanging capacity of 500 garments for drying purpose
  • 2 Nos fully Automatic with auto brake Hydro
  • One Drying Tumbler
  • One Mini Drayer (I.F.B)
  • 4 Electric fired boiler
  • 1 Fire Hydrant system

In-House Stitching

  • Single Needle Lock Stitch Juki Japanese Machines (64).
  • Single Needle Lock Stitch Siruba Machines (500)
  • Single Needle Lock Stitch Sunstar Machines (30)
  • 16 Needle Thread Elastic Inserting Machine (1)
  • 12 Needle Thread Elastic Inserting Machine (1)
  • Collar Turning Japanese Machine (1)
  • Flat Lock Double Needle Machines (4)
  • Five Thread Over Lock Machines of Juki (20)
  • Four Thread Over Lock Machines of Pagasis (5)
  • Four Thread Over Lock Machine of Siruba (5)
  • 1 Button Pull Test Machine.

Flat Lock for Hosiery

  • Flat Lock Covering Operation/Machine (4)
  • Piping Making Machines (2)
  • Rib Cutter Machine (1)
  • Japanese Fusing Machine (4)

In-House Embroidery

  • ZSK Brand Multi (20) Head Computer Embroidery Machine (German Made) (2)
  • ZSK Brand Multi (6) Head Computer Embroidery Machine (German Made) (1)
  • One 20 Sequence Device head
  • Sprit Laser Pro Computer Laser Cutting Machine (1)
  • Schiffli embroidery machines Swiss made laser brand (3)
  • Sheering Machine - Indian made (1)
  • Single Needle Manual Operated Embroidery Machines (24)
  • Reshami Thread Binding Machine, 6 heads 12 cones Indian made (1)
  • Bobin Binding Machine – Taiwanese made (1)
  • Bag Closer Machine (3)

Packing of Final Products

  • 1 No. Cintex Metal Detector Machine
  • 1 No. Hand Metal Detector Machine


  • 500 KVA Cummins Diesel Generator (1)
  • 380 KVA Cummins Diesel Generator (1)
  • 250 KVA Cummins Diesel Generator (1)
  • 62.5 KVA Cummins Diesel Generator (1)
  • 125 KVA Mahindra PNG Gas Generator (1)

Renewable Energy

  • One Solar panel system of 50 KW which covers 20% of our electricity needs.

Water Recycling

  • One ETP (Wastewater treatment plant) of 25,000 liters capacity per day.


India Fashion is a fully integrated and equipped garment manufacturing and export company. We carry out the entire production process in-house from the order receiving stage to dispatching the final shipment.

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Hand / Machine Embroidery


Hand Sewn Bead-work and Sequins


Hand / Machine Embroidery


Hand / Machine embroidery


Hand / Machine embroidery


Hand / Machine Embroidery


Hand Sewn Bead-work and Sequins


Hand / Machine Embroidery

India Fashion's Commitment to Social Responsibility: Weaving a Sustainable Future

At India Fashion, our journey goes beyond crafting exceptional garments and establishing a global footprint. For over 35 years, we've woven a tapestry of commitment to social responsibility. From empowering local communities through education and healthcare initiatives to championing ethical manufacturing practices, our endeavors extend far beyond the seams.

Renewable Energy & Sustainability


Solar Panel system of 50 KW capacity installed on our factory Rooftop. 20% of the energy consumed is solar generated.


We have our own inhouse Water treatment plant (ETP) of 25,000 liters capacity per day. Water discharge from our factory is 100% recycled.



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