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  • In an ever-changing fashion world, India Fashion endeavors to keep itself abreast with the latest fashion trends prevalent in the industry. Its designers continually explore new styles and fabrics in demand, to evolve unique design and style combinations.
  • Apart from our own in-house specialist anglaise designer, our design team comprises two designers trained in India by Lässer and a technician trained in Switzerland. The team interprets design, bringing the concept on paper to life in terms of design and is also responsible for R&D.
  • The complete stage of sample development is carried out by India Fashion's team of professionals and experienced personnel, catering to a versatile range of hi-fashion womens' wear including skirts, blouses, t-shirts and other garments to comply with the approved samples.
  • With a team of one head pattern master, six pattern masters and 40 sampling tailors using two CAD software enabled machines with one plotting machine and our own in-house anglaise designing machine, we are capable of producing 120 sample garments per week.
  • At India Fashion, we follow third party compliance for every buyer, including adherence to the broken needle policy and nickel free policy. Each carton/package is diligently checked by our QC team before leaving the premises.